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How dangerous can debug mode be? On scale from 0 to 10 it's at least 25.
Is horizontal alignment in code good?
How to bind array into quey?
Some photos from conference. Reactive Conf 2017 Bratislava.

Use own library using composer

24 September 2017
How to require our library in others project using composer.
How to use composer to build own library? Squeeze maximum from code reusability.

How to write Comparison

3 August 2017
Boolean expressions can be very tricky. Why? How I do it…
Well, I mean this for real - do you know how to write IF statement? Clean code must be easy to read and in case of wrongly written IF statement your code cannot be clean and it’s hard to understand.
My motto is: security first. Check your web page for redirect security issues.
How computer store real number and what is mean by floating point precision?