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Current coutry: Slovakia
Current status: Unfortunately, I'm not looking for a job right now....

...but despite these lines you can contant me if you like my articles and your offer is interesting.
What is interesting except salary: I'm working as senior web developer, but I want to going further - position like team leader / software architect and/or code reviewer is my next goal. On the other hand I love Scotland and I'm ready to move to this location for any programming job.


If you have startup / nice project you need help with in form of consultation than contact me. I'm willing to travel abroad.
Consultation topics: depends on you


I could provide lectures in your company about this topics:

  • PHP: Clean code
    • How to name: variables, functions, class & methods
    • How to use comments
    • How to format code for better readability
    • Closer look on objects
    • KISS, DRY & SOLID principles
    • How to use this principles in database & templates
    • Bonus: many real life examples on project I was working on
  • PHP: Unit testing from scratch to advanced level
    • Introduction
    • FIRST principle
    • What are unit tests?
    • What aren't unit tests?
    • Going further: integrations tests with Symfony (even on non-symfony project)
    • Going further: integrations tests with Selenium
    • Bonus: Unit test & clean code
  • Symfony
    • Introduction
    • Twig
    • Commands
    • Forms
    • Events
    • Advanced configuration
    • Let's make backed: Sonata Admin
  • Web Application security - Ethical hacking from scratch to advanced techniques
    • Code Execution Vulnerabilities
    • File Inclusion Vulnerabilities
    • File Upload Vulnerabilities
    • XSS Vulnerabilities
    • Dangerous URL Redirects
    • Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerabilities
    • Sql Injection
    • Bonus: Let's hack it - real attack on famous ajax upload in the Lab
    • My hacker games profiles
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      • profile

Price: on request

Duration: each lecture (except Symfony) is 1 day (8 hours) in your company, each lecture can be adjusted by your needs